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"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. " ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Please use your liberty to promote ours" ~ Aung San Suu Kyi

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. 

“Thou shalt not be a victim, thou shalt not be a perpetrator, but, above all, thou shalt not be a bystander.”
― Yehuda Bauer


Find Someone

I have noticed, in myself and from listening to others, that one thing we forget about is how important it is to have someone to look up to. When you have someone that you strongly respect and admire, not only to you give yourself a goal for your own efforts, but you also gain someone who teaches you from what they have done.

If you cannot answer fill in the blank quickly in the sentence of "My hero is _________." It would be worth it to take some time to do something as simple as google around and find one. Find someone who you admire, respect or who's work or life inspires you. Someone who, even if you would never do what they have done, it gives you courage to try and do your own thing.


Here is a list to start with of influential women of the 20th century:


Jane Addams  - Madeleine Albright - Mary McLeod Bethune  - Hillary Rodham Clinton  - Marian Wright Edelman  - Indira Gandhi  -  Ruth Bader Ginsburg  - Emma Goldman  - Anita Hill  - Dolores Huerta  - Maggie Kuhn  - Golda Meir  -  Rigoberta Menchu  - Sandra Day O'Connor  -  Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis  -  Rosa Parks  -  Alice Paul  - Frances Perkins  -  Eva Peron  - Jiang Qing  - Eleanor Roosevelt  -  Phyllis Schlafly  - Gloria Steinem  - Aung San Suu Kyi  - Mother Teresa  -  Margaret Thatcher  - Maya Angelou  - Hanna Arendt  - Rachel Carson  -  Agatha Christie  - Simone de Beauvoir  -  Anne Frank  -  Betty Friedan  -  Ann Landers  - Margaret Mitchell  - Toni Morrison  - Dorothy Parker  - Sylvia Plath -  Gertrude Stein  -  Barbara Walters  - Laura Ingalls Wilder  - Virginia Woolf  - Virginia Apgar  - Helen Caldicott  - Marie Curie - Rosalind Franklin  - Jane Goodall  - Grace Hopper  - Melanie Klein  - Mary Leakey  - Barbara McClintock  - Lise Meitner  - Coco Chanel  - Julia Child  - Elsie de Wolfe  - Katharine Graham  -  Ruth Handler  - Estee Lauder  -  Jean Nidetch  - Mary Quant  - Martha Stewart  -  Oprah Winfrey  - Marian Anderson  -  Lucille Ball - Margaret Bourke-White  - Maria Callas  - Isadora Duncan  - Ella Fitzgerald -  Jane Fonda  - Greta Garbo  - Martha Graham  - Katharine Hepburn  - Billy Holiday  - Janis Joplin  - Frida Kahlo  - Dorothea Lange  - Madonna  -  Marilyn Monroe  - Georgia O'Keeffe  - Mary Pickford  - Riefenstahl  - Nadia Comaneci  - Babe Didrikson  - Gertrude Ederle  - Sonja Henie  - Billie Jean King  - Suzanne Lenglen  - Wilma Rudolph  - Nancy Brinker  - Helen Gurley Brown  - Diana, Princess of Wales  - Amelia Earhart  - Betty Ford  -  Helen Keller  -  Maria Montessori  - Jane Roe  - Margaret Sanger - Valentina Tereshkova