Salvaged Works 

Posts I have saved from shakey nests on line along the way, they may not be where I left them but this is where you'll find them. Some are posts transfered from journals here on WMR that have been discontinued, some have been rescued from sites that shut down or from social networks I left when I decided to put all my time and energy into WMR. From time to time I  publish new works that fit here and no where else on the site. It is where I put things that still work or strike a cord or (gasp) I am still working on them... 


Don't Look Back

This was originally posted on June 14, 2008.


Don't Look Back

Don't look back, she said,
There is nothing there for you, nothing but bitter tears
washing the taste of his sweat out of your mind,
why you want to suffer so and pine,
when the best part of that man
will be gone before the sheets dry on the line?
Her fingers were gnarled and twisted,
her brown eyes blue cast blind,
Now what I tell you, child....
Better to be an old man's baby,
then a young man's fool!
Next time, I nodded vigorously...
sniffled deep and dropped my eyes
to my hands, that lay sweating in my lap
she and I both knowing, it would be years late
and most poorly spent never to be that wise.

Brightfire Woman ~2008